About Me

My name is Trevor Mack as you should have already known, since you found my site. Most people call me Trevor, but I also have gone by other nicknames: Trev, BigGuy, TMaC. I will mostly answer to anything. I am a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester New York with a dual undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Economics. I finished my dual degree in just over four years, that is a five year program finished in four. This was accomplished through earned credit from AP exams in high school. I maintained a cumulative 3.20 overall GPA while obtaining 183 credit hours. Upon graduation from RIT in August/September 2010 I took on a Software Systems Engineer position at the MITRE Corporation in Boston, MA which is where I am currently residing.

In addition to my school work I have had cooperative education assignments at Bytronics Incorporated in Fairport, NY and at The MITRE Corporation in Bedford, MA. The first co-op assignment with Bytronics Inc. took place from March 2008 through September 2008. During those 26 weeks I worked side-by-side with other developers to design and create a top-of-the-line real-time ticket management application, called DigTrack, for utility locating companies throughout the entire United States. The project was developed using the following environments: Eclipse-based workbench, HTML, J2EE and Perl. I gained knowledge in networking and database designs. I learned the basic features and uses of Java-webservlet technology and used it extensively. During my time there I was put in charge of creating a custom module for the application which was requested by one of their clients. I was the only one working on this module. Upon receiving this responsibility I was directly working with one client in designing and implementing this module for them. Before I left Bytronics to jump back into my academic career the project was completed and already there was another company and saw this module and were intrigued and now are using it on a day-to-day basis. Whereas the second cooperative education assignment, with The MITRE Corporation, started in March 2009 and extended into a part-time position after the co-op assignment finished in August 2009. This part-time position continued up until my graduation in August/September 2010 upon taking a full-time position with the same company. More information on both of these positions and the relating work are outlined on the career page.

As well as a full time student at RIT I was an employee of the RIT TechCrew. I worked on the crew during all four years at the institute. They help to provide lights, power, and sound reinforcement for any event that is taking place on the RIT campus. Outside of all this hustle and bustle I also had loads of fun. I have a deep passion of playing video games, at that time mostly Xbox 360 console games. I also enjoyed spending time with friends and family, watching movies and television shows, watching hockey (Go Tigers!), ice-staking and Intramural hockey (which started by Junior year, 2009), hiking/camping, biking, and lot more activities. Life is not all work and no play, but it is not all play and no work either. I have been found to say that I have found the happy median between the two extremes.