Jira Release Blocker

Bitbucket Pipe (downstream) (downstream)

Some people aren't quite ready for full CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery). People have their various reasons to not want continuous delivery and here is not the place to argue for or against it, but if you want to find a place in the middle ground you will likely find times that having a programmatic way to halt all deployments to a particular environment would be useful (migrations, sensitive release window, earnings call, huge multi-million dollar deals, etc). For these cases simply create a Jira issue labeled release-blocker and reference via JQL to the Bitbucket Pipe linked above and deployments via Bitbucket Pipelines (or Bamboo, Jenkins, etc if using the Docker image directly) will be blocked until that issue is resolved or otherwise no longer matches the linked (and ideally source controlled) JQL filter.


Android Applications (Mobile + TV)
TODO: provide writeups

Backend Server (NodeJS)
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Photo Album

Highslide Implementation

I stumbled upon Highslide JS over the summer of 2008 when I was looking at adding a photo album page to my personal website. This open source JavaScript software offers a Web 2.0 approach to popup windows. It streamlines the use of thumbnail images and HTML popups on web pages. Therefore proves to be a great solution to a photo album implementation. Other features that make this a optimal approach to photo pages includes the fact that there is no need for plugins like Flash or Java, Popup blockers are no problem since the popups exist inside of the webpage, and the builtin compatibility and safe fallback features that if a user has disabled JavaScript or is using an unsupported browser, the browser will redirect to the image itself or to a fallback HTML page.

In addition to the Highslide Implementation I have also created an automation program to add pictures to this photo page. Behind the scenes this program will create a XML file that has the album information and links to the physical location of the pictures to be included. You would need to only run this program when the file system where the photo albums are located. The program will automatically scan through the filesystem recognizing every folder under the main gallery folder as a new album and then will search for the photo files under that directory. The program was written solely in JAVA using the DOM representation of an XML file. This program has been generated into a JAR file and a configuration file for easy integration for other websites. Included in the zip file you will find all the files that you will need in order to integrate this to your website.

Downloadable ZIP file coming soon. Unfortunately have lost this source on an old physical server and can't recover. Take my word for it that this was pretty cool for early 2000s code.