Samba/Network Share - Recipes and Sessions File Access

At times one needs to gain physical access to the files stored for brew sessions and/or recipe files. This post will lead you visually through how to do this on your Operating System (Windows or MacOS).

Samba/Network Share - Recipes and Sessions File Access

There have been a number of questions around how to manage JSON files for recipes and sessions. Until the UI has buttons and features built into it (takes longer than just raw file manipulation) you are going to have to resort to Samba/Network Share access to these features.

Below I'll talk through the steps in picture form of doing this from both a Windows computer and a MacOS computer.

Take note that my main "chiefwigms/picobrew_pico" deployment is called "PICOBREW-LOGGER" as I have a bunch of logging enabled at the network layer. This helps me to be able to better the experience of the server for everyone as well as to map requests from mothership if I need to. Yours will be called "PICOBREW" by default and whatever you named it via the embedded /setup experience.

Windows Experience

MacOS Experience

History - folder containing all session data.
Recipes - folder containing all device recipe instructions
Contents of Recipes Folder
Recipe Folders by Device Type (Z Series Selected)
Brew Active/Archive Folder (Active Selected)
Brew Active/Archive Folder (Archive Selected)
Fermentation Active/Archive Folder (Archive Selected)