Stainless Steel Picobrew C/S/Pro Filter Plug

Replacement Picobrew C/S/Pro compatible Filter Plug machined out of 316 Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Picobrew C/S/Pro Filter Plug

This filter plug is a community design that started as a 3d printed solution to the common issue of the "filter fins" breaking over time. For a stainless steel machined product we focused on rigidity as well as passthrough performance. The end product will prove to last decades longer than the machine you use it with due to being made out of 316 Stainless Steel (a food grade stainless steel product).

Below are some pictures I've taken to show the fit and apparence of this filter within the Step Filter of the Picobrew Pico C/S/Pro units for you. To ease the installation each unit sold will also include an OEM filter spring as well as a replacement OEM o-ring. Both of these items are easily lost when ejecting the filter drain plug so be careful, but if you do loose them the included extras will prove to be useful.

[Update: 1/17/2023]

Currently, I'm out of stock of this filter plug. Getting some early feedback from those that did successfully get in on the first run of this community funded and created replacement part. Working with my manufacturing partners in the UK on the availability and pricing of a future run. In the meantime feel free to preorder with the link below through PayPal. I will communicate frequently and openly on the process with those interested as I get more firm details from my manufacturing partners.

Initial batch of units were at a bit of a higher price due to the limited amount ordered. Future runs will likely have a higher quantity allowing for individual part prices to drop slightly, any and all difference in costs of material produced to me will be reflected back to pre-order holders via a credit/refund through PayPal (or offered as a group donation to No Kid Hungry).